Organic Cot Bed Mattress

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The perfect choice for parents who want the ultimate in natural luxury. Young babies spend over half their lives asleep, and the Bambizi summer/winter cot mattress guarantees them a safe, healthy and comfortable sleeping environment.

The mattress consists of three layers. At its heart is coconut coir, which provides excellent ventilation. Either side of the coir is a layer of pure latex, which is flexible, durable and helps your baby skin to breathe.

The winter side of the mattress is topped with layers of organic lambs wool to keep your baby warm and snug in the colder months, and is finished off with a luxurious soft cashmere cover. The summer side is topped with bamboo layers, offering excellent moisture absorption and ventilation, which allows body heat to escape and helps to keep your baby cool. It is then beautifully finished with an organic cotton cover.


140cm x 70cm x 10 cm

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